Joni Mitchell -- Legendary '60s Singer Hospitalized


0331-joni-mitchell-getty-01Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell -- who's synonymous with the Woodstock generation -- was rushed to a hospital after a 911 call from her home on Tuesday.

Sources tell us paramedics went to 71-year-old Mitchell's Los Angeles home around 2:30 PM. We're told the 911 call was for an unconscious female, but she was alert on the way to the hospital.

Mitchell was in intensive care late Tuesday. It's unclear what prompted the medical emergency, but it appears to be quite serious.

We've put in several calls to Joni's rep ... but haven't heard back.

Mitchell's best known for her hit, "Big Yellow Taxi" ... which the Counting Crows famously covered in 2002. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

Story developing ...

TMZ Live: The Game: Basketball Game Ignites On-Court Brawl!

The Game:

Basketball Game Ignites On-Court Brawl!

3/31/2015 9:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF




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Dave Chappelle -- Drunken Idiot Arrested After Throwing Banana Peel

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Dave Chappelle was the victim of a drunken racist attack during a New Mexico show -- a guy in the crowd threw a banana peel at him ... and got thrown in jail for it.

Santa Fe cops busted Christian Englander after he hit Chappelle in the leg with the banana on Monday night. Not shockingly ... police say he appeared to be wasted, and confessed to doing it.

He was booked for battery and disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, Chappelle seemed to brush it off -- according to fans at the venue, he used the ignorant attack as material in his show.

Guess Who This Redheaded Teen Turned Into!

0330_redhead_girl_guess_who_launch Before this copper topped teen was an international musician she was just another cute kid in a turtleneck posing for a photo in McAlester, Oklahoma. Can you guess who she is?!

Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife -- He's Screwing Me Royally Over 'Empire'

Terrence Howard Ex Wife Money

Terrence Howard owes his ex-wife $508,000 and counting ... so she claims, and she's gunning for a payday.

Michelle Ghent claims Terrence has been hiding assets and grossly undervaluing what he makes a month to avoid his spousal support obligations.

TMZ broke the story ... Terrence is required to pay Michelle $5,800 a month in spousal support , but if he makes more than $62,500 a quarter, she gets 21% of the excess. According to her docs, Terrence made $125,000 an episode in Season 1 and he's sure to get a huge raise.

Michelle claims Terrence has not only failed to pay the 21%, but she says he's way behind in the $5,800 monthly obligation ... to the tune of more than $100k.

Also according to Michelle's docs, Terrence is using his first ex-wife's business to divert his earnings, making it appear he earns very little. In fact, Terrence claimed as recently as November all he was getting in the way of income was just shy of $6k a month ... money that was paid by the ex-wife's business.

"Empire" started shooting in September, so that's when the bucks started rolling in.

But all good things come to an end, and according to the divorce, Michelle's spousal support ends next year.

'CSI' Star Jon Wellner Divorce -- My Wife Should Quit Acting And Get A REAL Job


Jon Wellner Divorce

"CSI" star Jon Wellner has called it quits on his marriage after 7 years, and says it's time his wife gave up on her acting, got off her ass and started working.

According to the divorce docs ... Jon says his wife, Whitney Wellner, hasn't made it as an actress and probably never will ... he's asking the courts to force her into pulling down a full-time job.

Whitney lists her credits like "Save the Last Dance" -- released in 2001. She also got a guest gig on "CSI" last year, but he insinuates it was a case of nepotism.

Whitney fires back in her legal docs, saying he obviously thought she was good enough to appear on his show.

She's presumably gunning for spousal support, and it's gonna be hard for her to live without it. While she says he makes $20k an episode, she pulls in $12 a month in residuals.

Who knew they were still playing "Save the Last Dance"?

'Jerry Springer' Producer Jill Blackstone -- Cops Believe Sister's Death Wasn't Suicide ... It was Murder

Cops Believe Sister's Death Wasn't Suicide

It Was Murder


Jerry Springer Producer Sister Murder

"Jerry Springer" producer Jill Blackstone did not carry out her sister's wish to end her life -- she murdered her ... at least that's what law enforcement now believes.

Our law enforcement sources say Wendy Blackstone -- who was deaf and partially blind -- did not want to end her life. During the initial stage of the investigation we're told cops thought this might have been a double suicide plan where Jill backed out at the last minute, but now they believe it's simple murder.

TMZ broke the story ... Wendy was found dead in their garage and Jill had severe carbon monoxide poisoning from a lit barbecue in their closed garage. We're now told in addition to the coals under the grill, there was a metal trash can filled with charcoal which had also burned.

Cops determined early on ... the suicide note found in Wendy's hand was not written by her ... they believe Jill wrote it.

Blackstone was arrested for murder earlier this month but the D.A. felt there wasn't enough evidence to make a case, so prosecutors sent it back to the LAPD for further investigation. In the meantime, Jill remains free.

But now we're told ... after more probing, the cops firmly believe it was murder.


CRAIG BROWN asks is ANYONE as catty as an ageing TV chef? 

One of Harry Enfield’s most memorable characters is the know-all in the flat cap (‘only me!’) who is always butting in on people engaged in household tasks, and telling them: ‘You don’t want to do it like that!’

I thought of him when I read that Gordon Ramsay has been telling Jamie Oliver the best way to run his restaurant chain. In a clear case of ‘You don’t want to do it like that!’, Ramsay said that Jamie Oliver should ‘at least have turned up’ for the opening of the new Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Hong Kong.

Unsurprisingly, Jamie Oliver has bounced back, accusing Ramsay of being motivated by jealousy, pointing out that he is worth twice as much as him and that his cookery books have sold 37 million copies, compared to Ramsay’s total sales of just three million.

Gordon Ramsay (right) said that Jamie Oliver (left) should ‘at least have turned up’ for the opening of the new Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Chefs Oliver and Ramsay (pictured together in 2006) have often exchanged fraught words over the years

Chefs Oliver and Ramsay (pictured together in 2006) have often exchanged fraught words over the years

‘Gordon is deeply jealous and can’t work out why I do what I do and why he can’t do that,’ he says. ‘He is too busy shouting and screaming and making our industry look like a bunch of shouters and screamers.’

In recent years, chefs have earned themselves a worldwide reputation not only for back-biting but for front-biting, too. It takes only a couple of minutes in the presence of another chef to make them boil over. ‘Every time I watch his show, I want to go back in time and bully him at school,’ the bullish American chef Anthony Bourdain once said of Jamie Oliver.

Traditionally, hairdressers, plumbers, dentists and car mechanics are regarded as the bitchiest professions. ‘Tsk! Tsk! Tsk,’ they say to the hapless customer, in a tone pitched somewhere between pity and despair. ‘Who on earth cut your hair/installed this dishwasher/filled this tooth/fixed this engine?’

Perhaps chefs were always as vituperative towards each other as they are now, but in the old days their tsk-tsk-tsking remained behind closed doors.

Over the past few years, they have gained much greater prominence, emerging from behind their kitchen doors to pop up on TV shows, write cookbooks, attend premieres and generally swank around. This means that rivalries which would once have remained private are now conducted in public, and the notion of the studious chef, silently slaving over his stove, has become a thing of the past.

Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke was always regarded as one of the trustiest and most loyal of all the great commanders. It was only after he died that his diaries revealed his waspishness

Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke was always regarded as one of the trustiest and most loyal of all the great commanders. It was only after he died that his diaries revealed his waspishness

Is there a single profession that is not beset by rivalry? Do heart surgeons exchange catty comments about one another’s abilities (‘I mean, did you see the way he repaired that left ventricle!’)? Are judges waspish about other judges (‘Frankly, his summing-up was all over the place!’)?

My own suspicion is that, the more revered the profession, the greater the spite that lurks within it. As Chief of the Imperial General Staff for most of World War II, Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke was always regarded as one of the trustiest and most loyal of all the great commanders. It was only after he died that his diaries revealed his waspishness.

In them, he was remarkably rude about Churchill, and he described Lord Mountbatten as a crashing bore. ‘Seldom has a Supreme Commander been more deficient of the main attributes of a Supreme Commander than Dickie Mountbatten.’

I have a friend who started off as an actor, and is now an antiquarian bookdealer. He says that everyone imagines actors are bitchy and disloyal, and bookdealers are trusty and loyal, but in fact the opposite is true: actors are wonderfully supportive, while bookdealers are invariably at daggers drawn.

In the same way, poets are generally regarded as sensitive, ethereal types, and are certainly much given to praising one another in print. But behind closed doors they are often very crotchety.

This generally emerges only after they have died. For instance, Byron accused Keats of ‘drivelling idiotism’, calling him ‘a tadpole of the lakes’, and Christopher Smart said of Thomas Gray that he ‘walks as if he had fouled his small-clothes and looks as if he smelt it’.

And the great composers and conductors have scarcely proved any better. Tchaikovsky spoke of ‘that scoundrel Brahms’, describing him as a ‘giftless bastard’, and adding: ‘It annoys me that this self-inflated mediocrity is hailed as a genius’. And the conductor Sir Thomas Beecham scored a devilish double-whammy, describing Herbert von Karajan as ‘a kind of musical Malcolm Sargent’.

Meanwhile, even the great Leo Tolstoy had a strong element of Mr You-Don’t-Want-To-Do-It-Like-That about him. He once said that Chekhov’s plays were ‘worse than Shakespeare’, adding, for good measure, that re-reading Shakespeare made him feel ‘an irresistible repulsion and tedium’. Professional rivalry makes hairdressers of us all.

Destiny's Child -- Battle for Center Stage at Reunion (TMZ TV)


It finally happened ... all the Destiny’s Child members coming together for the first time in -- well, not that long actually, but it was still awesome!

So awesome that Beyonce even surrendered that coveted middle spot! Just for a few seconds, but y'know ... baby steps.tmz-on-tv-3

French Montana -- I Was Just Sippin' Ciroc on Diddy's Sea-Doo



French Montana was not under the influence of alcohol when he was photographed drinking Ciroc from the bottle while cruising on one of Diddy 's Sea-Doos ... so claim people close to the rapper.

As we previously reported ... French was in Miami Beach Saturday, catching some rays and drinking vodka. It's not illegal in Florida to drink while boating, but it IS illegal to drink to the point that the driver is impaired.


Although our French sources insist he "was not f***** up," Khloe posted a pic around the same time showing her crew -- including French -- on Diddy's roof with the caption, "The Ciroc made us do it!! #StepIntoTheCircle."

Rapper Kevin Gates -- Not One, But Two Fights with Girls!


It's bad enough rapper Kevin Gates got into it with a couple of girls during his show Sunday night in Michigan -- he then fought with a different girl during the same show!

Gates -- probably as well known for having sex with his cousin as he is for his music -- was performing at Z Club in Flint ... when a few girls in the front kept grabbing him.

In the video, you can see Gates shake off the girls a few times before finally having enough … and going after them. Gates' security pulled him back from the crowd and the show continued.

But a short time later, he mixed it up with another girl on the side of the stage -- this time throwing elbows in the fan's direction. It's unclear if he ever connected.

Despite the ruckus, we're told no cops were called -- and as you can see in the video ... the crowd was into the show.